Japanese box lunch line-up Part1

Basically,I make a box lunch.

I don’t use processed foods as much as possible.

I cook rice in a pot,sometimes that burns.

So images of box lunch,I made was gathered.

IMG_20160423_133945Nori-seaweed,humbarg steak,boiled Japanese radish and pork with soy sauce,accompanied with salad,White rice,



Bacon and vegetable saute,boiled egg.pickles,White rice



Beef steak,sausages,boiled pumpkin,sprout of bean seasoned with soy sauce,White rice,accompanied with boiled kelp down in soy sauce and sugar



Omelet-onion and tuna seasoned soy sauce and Mirin,tomatoes,                  Komatsuna seasoned with soy sauce,pickles and Nori  on white rice



Boiled Komatsuna seasoned with soy sauce and Mirin,tomatoes,Lever of chicken saute,Chikuwa-fish paste cooked in a bamboo-like shape,Umeboshi and seaweed on white rice



Chicken hamburger,vegetable saute,lettuce,tomatoes,pickles and  kelp seasoned with salt on white rice



Chines vegetable saute-beef,carrot and green pepper seasoned with garlic,ginger and Tobanjan Umeboshi and pickles on white rice



 Beef steak,Boiled spinach,Salad,Pickles-home-made, White rice,



Japanese omelet,tomato,lettuce,Boiled pumpkin seasoned with soy sauce and mirin and sugar,Boiled Komatsuna,White rice,Umeboshi 



Chicken saute,tomatoes,spinach seasoned with say sauce and dried bonito, pickels  on white rice



For watch a Karate match box lunch




It seems better to gather box lunch than only one it seen.

Even if anything great is put in.

The box lunch is simple at foreign countries.

My daughter was surprised at poorness of the contents when she went on an overseas study program six years ago.

Because there’re only  two sausages and French fries.

Even so, a housemaid makes my daughter early morning every day, we were grateful her,of course.

Then I’ve cooked my family member meals since that. It was no problem.

If you can cook,I think you are not in trouble about the taste wherever you go.

Please try it.





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